Powering the Next Generation of Connected Travel Experiences.

Mobile Infotainment and Commerce Content Personalized for Each User.

Making Everyday Travel More Rewarding for Drivers and Passengers.

Unlocking The Value Of Every Drive For Every Driver.



The ConnectedTravel® Platform unlocks the ~55 minutes a day that Americans spend in their car, and enables every driver - brand interaction to be transactable.



Our platform delivers personalized commerce, navigation, and infotainment services for each user, intelligently understanding and predicting their current and future preferences



We drive daily consumer loyalty, engagement and retail performance through a proprietary rewards system that gamifies everyday movement through the world, providing a points and rewards economy for active consumer participation.


Real-time data sources are fused to create personal and contextualized consumer experiences.

Data Fusion

Fusing real-time data sources to create personal and contextual consumer experiences.

AI and Machine Learning

Enable the understanding of daily driver and passenger routines, preferences and needs to provide hyper-personalized application services.

Cross Platform

Integration allows us to deliver persistent solutions in and out of vehicles and across devices and OS’s

Advertising Services

Enable real-time, geo-location and contextually targeted, measurable and attributable engagement with drivers and passengers.


Proprietary tokenized payment solution for digital wallets and transaction with merchants, through mobile applications and vehicle headunits

Native Support

iOS, Android, CarPlay, Android Auto and Native application support.

Voice Interaction And Control

Voice enabled controls for driver safety and ease of use

Intelligent Transaction Layers

Seamlessly overlays transactions on audio and visual content, including advertising

HyperDrive® Rewards

A market leading, safe driving mobile application on IOS and Android.

Driver Training

Innovative driver behavior management systems for improved driving behavior through coaching, games, and incentives.

High User Satisfaction

4.8 Star Rating in iOS App Store and 4.6 Star Rating in Google Play Store

Retailer Partner Rewards

Rewards from 50+ Top Retailers across the country


Supporting our customers with world class end-to-end development and operational services

Platform Operations
Application Design, Development and Publishing
API and SDK Licensing
Data Science, Analytics and Reporting
Consumer Acquisition, Retention and Engagement
Retail, Merchandising and Promotion
Brand Application and Services Integration

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ConnectedTravel Finds New Ways To Turn Driving Time Into Kids Education Time

ConnectedTravel thinks it can make driving your child around not just tolerable, but an enhanced experience to build on rewards-oriented behavior modification and to complement future in-school learning.